This Fill-Level Inspection System is designed for automatic fill-level inspection in non-transparent containers of glass or plastic, The inspection of fillevel occurs via a special infra-red light barrier, transmitter/receiver, and a special optic. No special safety regulations are applicable and no use of laser is required. Because of a special stroked electronical repeater unit (an easy plug-in module technology), the system is insensitive for foreign light. This system incorporates high speed inspection technology into a quality control program, which is cost attractive to the manufacturer having smaller production line demands, Range of application is the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Method of operation:
Containers to be inspected - non-transparent containers made of glass or plastic and filled with   creamed, pasteurized or hard materials - are conveyed single file on a conveyor though the inspection station of the system. The inspection of the under filled containers occurs via an infrared light barrier within an accuracy of + / - 1 mm, Light my interruption in case of a correct filled container. Containers lacking closures are identified by either a proximity switch or an optical infrared detector. A high speed pneumatic rejecter system with maintenance unit, or a TSS rejection system, for the production line removal or inferior containers can also be installed.

Description of the System:
This Fill-Level Inspection System is soundly constructed from stainless steel. All electronic circuitry has C-Mos technology fixable on easily exchangeable plug-in modules, and is signaled via light-emitting diodes fitted on the switch-cabinet face. Suitable, on-demand options for the FillLevel Inspection System include: 0 high speed pneumatic rejection system for production line removal of deficient containers. programmable signal to stop the filling machine in event of a predetermined number of consecutively faulty containers.

Technical Data:
Speed: up to 50.000 c. p. h.
Power Supply: 110/220/240 V/AC-50/60 Hz -20
Watt Driving Voltage: 12 V/DC internal for electronics.

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