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Deltamat pillow-bag,vertical-form-fill-seal machine, for liquid, viscous, powder and granular products        

The DELTAMAT SM-series of machines and machine systems, form, fill, and close fully automatically, pillowbags from roll-stock film or foil according to the thousandfold approved principle of vertical bag making machines. Such packaging is both, economic and reliable with the result of an essential            reduction in cost. The special advantages of the driven belt draw-down, as it is used on the DELTAMAT SM-series machines is the decisive point. This applies all the more if it deals with problematic packaging material.

                          The result of experience and highest technical standard.

The tradition of our company is reflected in the new design of this machine series, as well as the extensive know-how related to dosing challenges.   We design and build efficient and flexible dosing systems which deal with difficult to handle products. The machines are based on a modular system, by which our new generation of packaging machines can be distinguished already by its appearance: Clear layout, compact design, standardized modules and operator friendly.

During the design phase of our machines we tried to think of everything that might be of importance to your production now, or in the future. If you have more ideas on what these machines should be capable of doing for you, let us know about it, the SM series of machines is flexible and can be extended and built to suit your needs. We thought of this, so that they will remain universal packing machines also for the future.

Products that can be handled.
Mustard, ketchup, milk, curds, cream, salad dressing, sauces, honey, syrup, jam, salad oil, tomato sauce, edible fat, liquid egg, potato salad, bread dough dumpling dough. Sauerkraut, white cabbage salad, fresh salad, beans salad, cucumber salad, pealed and sliced or diced potatoes. Spices, salt, sugar, soup mixes, coffee, powdered milk, dry yeast, baking powder egg powder.

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