Heatsealing Packaging Machine Type 5000

The high-performance heatsealing machine type 5000 is suitable for packaging of tablets, capsules, caplets, oblongs, confectionery product, hardware articles or similar items, into four sided sealed pouches.

                        Up to 3000 items/min. are packaged safely in a continuous operation.

Every heatsealable film or foil, with the exception of pure polyethylene can be handled on the machine. Two individual reel unwind station allow the use of two different materials simultaneously For example: a clear, see-through material can be combined with a paper compound or opaque film.

The base machine consists of: Rigid, heavy-duty machine frame, complete electrical installation with operator panel and diagnostic display, one pair of sealing rollers with individual automatic control of temperature, cut-off device, reel unwind for film/ foil, and safety guards.

        The film/foil width for model 5000/160 is up to 160 mm (6.25")
        The film/foil width for model 5000/320 is up to 320 mm (12.5")

Product specific feeding systems like product hopper with vibratory unit, round or linear vibrator with breakage and dust elimination, rotating disc, feeding belt or counting device, feeding plate with feeding rails and special mechanical devices to ensure the transport of individual products of the sealing roller pockets are utilized.

Other components of the machine are draw-off or draw-down rollers and a high-speed cut-off device with deviation chute for the finished sachet or pouch.

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Siebler-Göring Type 5000
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